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    Tempted to trade- need advice

    I came out of a 11 GT500, in first few drives in the 350 I was missing the low end torque. But it really wasn't long before I fell in love with the 350. I found that the 350 becomes a totally different car above 4,000 RPM. It comes alive at 4k and then you just keep on running it out. Getting...
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    GT350 Center Caps

    Curious what you are using in place of the stock center caps.
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone
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    VMP Tool kit, VMP 2.4" pulley, VMP 90mm idler pulley

    Pics of the pulley removal kit?
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    FS Borla Stype 13/14 quad exhaust

    Trusted seller.
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    BMR LCAs/Relocation Brackets

    If you split, let me know the cost on the LCA's.
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    Large GT500 Parts Sale

    PM sent on pulley tool.
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    Aluminum Driveshaft

    Why did you take it off?
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    Shelby shift ball (blue)

    +1 on a great seller, whether he knows how to follow the rules or not. LOL.
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    Toyo R888 Rears 315/30/20

    How old are the tires? Any rubbing issues?
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    Griots garage 3" polisher and pads

    AutoGeek has it for $115 with 6 pads and two cloths. Will have to pass.
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    Griots garage 3" polisher and pads

    $150 Canadian or US?
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    OEM and Ford Racing Parts at Employee Pricing

    Pricing on 2010 F-150 TPMS sensors please.
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    05-14 Strut Tower Covers

    05-14 strut tower covers for sale, brand new. Found a STB that I like and am not going to use these. $40 or OBO shipped. Buyer payls PayPal fees.