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    FS D-1sc ProCharger

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    FS: 90mm MAF housing and meter

    I recently switched to a slot style maf and now selling my 90mm stock style maf nothing wrong with it just switched for better drivability and tuning, asking $55 shipped
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    FS: 80 lb Injectors

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    FS: BBK twin 65mm Throttle body

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    FS: D1sc ProCharger Kit

    Selling a COMPLETE ProCharger D1sc blower kit. Currently on a 99 Cobra Kit includes; -Blower with 8 rib 2.8 pulley -4v blower bracket -Race front mount intercooler with all piping -Vortech mini race bypass valve -80lb Ford Racing Injectors -Lightning 90mm MAF with Diablo maf tuner...
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    FS: BBK twin 65mm throttle body

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    FS: BBK twin 65mm Throttle body

    Like the title said i have a BBK Twin 65mm Throttle body for sale, it is almost brand new and comes with a new gasket, $220 takes her home!! The reason i say almost brand new is because it was bought New and then bolted on the car had a run or two on the dyno then took off again.
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    Lot of 99-04 Cobra items F/S (Great Deals)

    03 Cobra twin pump Fuel Hat with pumps $200 99 Cobra fuel tank / hat with a Division X 340 LPH fuel pump $250 99 Cobra stock MAF $50 99 Cobra stock air intake $20 99 Cobra fuel pump $25 I do have more pictures apon request every thing forsale is price with out shipping, shipping will be added...
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    Has a question and NEEDS HELP!!!

    ok i have a question what is the most appropriate name for the metal plate that is between the engine block and transmission on a manual trans car iv been told its called a flex plate but when I searched that it was nothing close to what I need the reason I ask is because mine is bent and is...
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    Trans Problems NEED HELP!

    I just recently put in a new stage 2 Ram Clutch in my 99 Cobra I also drained the trans fluid and put new Mobil 1 synthetic trans fluid in it and ever since that my trans hasn’t been able to go in to gears at high RPMs easily so I drained that out and put in regular trans fluid in it helped a...
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    Exhauste Suggestions

    hey again my 99 Cobra has Flowmaster exhaust on it and it sound nice but atracts cops because its so loud. im looking for any suggestions ony some real nice toned exhaust still a little loud but not overbearing and has a nice rumble Thanx Again 99RioRedCobra
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    Front Caliper rattle

    Hey fellow SVT owners i recently bought a 99 SVT Cobra and the front calipers rattle like a [email protected]$#* and was wondering if this is just a commin thing and if so how would a person stop the noise im open for any suggestions Thanx 99RioRedCobra