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  • Do you still have that black 99/01 Cobra front bumper cover, or did the person who's post you responded to buy it? If you still have it, I'm possibly interested. What condition is it in? Thanks. Dennis
    Hey saw that you are local. Wanted to invite you to the Bold Moves Mustang/Ford club of Tulsa. We have members in and around oklahoma and we would love to have you. We have a forum much like this one but for us local car enthusiasts. We just changed up the forum and sectioned out the different cars by year and type. We also added a Lightning section. Register on the forum and introduce yourself. looking forward to seeing you there

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    i would like to take a look at it. you can call me@ 580-656-1566. i have this weekend off. after that im not sure when ill be back in town. just let me know whats good for ya. thanks!
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