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  • Watsup 96 stang, I'm always searching for info on running a 2.76/6lb setup and can never find much info on it but your name always pops up, I was wondering if u ever ran your 2.8/6lb combo? I have long tubes full borla exhaust dragon tb/plenum killer chiller am getting setup to run e85 also and can't forget the posi port. I have a 2.76 upper and am debating wether to put on the 4lb or 6lb lower. Just wanted some input from someone who has run this setup since a lot of people like to try and away people away from it never even trying it themselves.. Just looking for some feedback from another brother who isn't afraid to spin the shit out of these Eatons haha get back to me brother
    96stang....turns out the sheet i got was wrong...i do have a 2.8 upper pulley lol. Mustang dyno was 453/489 S/C only 500/614 w/75shot (and a separate tune)...and his runs 14% lower then the 3 dynojets in town so that equates to
    516/555 S/C only
    570/699 with 75shot
    :-D Separate tune for each setup and AFR's steady under 12.

    Not as good as yours, but I was pretty happy. Thanks again for all your advice. You were right about the fuel system...it was fine but I stopped at the 75shot because the pump was running at 88%
    Ok cool..thanks for clearin that up for me. How much psi are you making and holding? How much horsepower are the headers good for? Thanks again for all your input...btw I have a chance to get some free 60lb injectors should I go ahead and have them put on?
    Prochamber is just a midpipe like your Bassani X-pipe. You're going to have to spin that blower harder if you want to make good power. Either switch that 3.1 upper to a 2.80 or switch the 4lb lower for an 8lb.
    Looking at your mods compared to mine I dont have the headers (least I dont think so) and I dont have a mac pro-chamber (whatever that is...im still new to stangs).
    550 is still really stout even on the dynojet, but if that was a mustang number I was thinking no way could I get that lol. Im running a Full Bassani Exhaust (x-pipe) without cats (offroad only ;-D ) Complete Mods are: Stg III Steg Ported Blower, TB, and Plenum. RR Supercharger spacer, 3.1upper, 4lb lower, and 3.2 alternator pulleys. Billetflow idlers. JLT/UPR 12" Intake going into the fender.
    Was the 550hp on a dynjet or mustang dyno? Any tips/hints/suggestions...im runnin a 4lb/3.1 setup Its holding a solid 16psi and spikin 17psi (stage III steg port with polished tb)
    what size injectors were you running when you put down those numbers? Thanks for all the advice you have given so far.
    just lookin at your car im going with the similar set up i have 2.76 4# lower stage VI blower.. 75 NX shot which im in the process of putting together... its nice to know i can be making that kind of power and run that time
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