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    I know its early, but 2023 GT500 questions

    These are interesting times we're living in. The Plaid shows the astounding possibilities of electric cars, and it's boring as hell. ICE manufacturers are throwing the kitchen sink at their last gasoline engines. Chevy's LT6 is a real high water mark. Tim Kuniskis has hinted that Dodge will...
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    Took a risk ‘22 on order

    Congrats!! So you're pullying??
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    2022 GT500 Heritage Edition

    You're correct! It's the same P2. The Canadian order guide was posted by Snoopy here and by someone else on another forum. So we can resume calling it oil slick. Makes sense. My new dealership was supposed to talk to their Ford rep yesterday. I'll reach out to them mid-morning.
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    2022 GT500 Heritage Edition

    Oil slick is no more, gents. It's Mishievous purple and it's a bit much for me. I'll pivot to Atlas. I hope their marketing folks didn't think it was too non-PC. They could've just done a last second name change for that same color so us gearheads could've still called it oil slick. Atlas just...
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    2022 GT500 Heritage Edition

    And order banks opening this coming Monday, November 15th.
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    CFHP for '22 Availability

    So will there be fewer CFTP cars? I thought the rate limiting factor on those were the actual CF pieces.
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    CFHP for '22 Availability

    Any ideas on how availability will be impacted for '22? If the run size is reduced does it mean that a higher % of the run will have them? And how does a small dealership's odds of getting a CFHP car contrast with a high-volume dealership?
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    2021 GT500 Production Scheduled to End at the End of November

    Are order banks still on track to open Jan/Feb? A larger dealer group is now buying the dealer I had a verbal agreement with. They're known to charge outrageous markups and have screwed over another forum member in the last on a 500. Looking for allocation elsewhere at this point.
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    ‘22 order upcoming let’s talk new color choices

    Wait what? Are they making the 22s already?
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    Corvette Owners having issues with their DCTs, GT500 owners impacted also? They seem to be having some semi-serious issues with the Tremec DCT 8-speed. Any GT500 guys seeing the same?
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    CFTP owners, have a few questions about your buying process

    I think CF wheels are worth about about a 2X premium max over a forged piece. If you're already paying 5.5-6K 10K doesn't seem too bad...
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    CFTP owners, have a few questions about your buying process

    Interested in hearing more about this. Are they reasonably priced?
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    Ordered a 2021 GT 500 a month ago, am I being scammed by this dealer?

    You’re not being scammed. They thought they’d get an extra allocation and couldn’t because of the well- publicized gasoline leak at Flat Rock. That impacted another poster on here who subsequently bought another vehicle he was wise enough to have scouted. You will probably pay 5K over at least...
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    JLT Cod Air Intake Dragstrip Results.

    I feel like an absolute idiot. From VMP and our very own site owner... I'm late to the game on the 2020+ cars. Interested in seeing if the pipe insulator makes it work.