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    2022 GT500 Heritage Edition

    Basically got the same response from my sales guy too.
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    2022 GT500 Order Guide

    Thank you sir!
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    2022 GT500 Order Guide

    Perhaps I'm not understanding this correctly. The order banks are open?
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    Took the leap

    Looking great! Why not include the strap down fee in the price instead of an add on? Unless you are willing to let them strap their own car down. I could see someone trying to avoid paying the fee and arguing that they would strap their own car down. Also, maybe do a higher fee for the first...
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    Interesting Covid Side Effect

    Just had a customer buy one sight unseen. 1.1 million in Naples. He asked he how it looked when I went in to do work before he flew down. It's getting out of hand. After talking to realtors in our area, seems like a decent amount our cashing out 401k accounts to pay cash.
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    7.3L Godzilla Swapped Turbo S-197 Mustang Drag Car | What's Not To Love???

    Great write up. I know the Five Bar crew is hard at work on this. Very excited for new step.
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    Q & A Session... - Ask a Ford Dealer

    No I'll be shipping it in. Bank of America overnighted them a check. I don't understand when I told him I wasn't comfortable with it they didn't make a big deal out of it anymore. Kind of weird.
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    Who’s given up motorcycle riding?

    Rode for 8 years, enjoyed riding a ton but didn't LOVE riding. Riding in season with Snowbirds is difficult, they will hit you in a car because they don't know where they are. Took one last ride several years ago to move my dad's bike and was almost hit. The freedom and thrill isn't worth my life.
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    Q & A Session... - Ask a Ford Dealer

    Currently in the middle of purchasing a truck out of state. Taking a loan out through Bank of America for part of the loan and paying the rest with a check. This is going in my company, so I have provided the EIN to them as well. Sales guy text me today to send a picture of my Social Security...
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    Auto Transport Recommendations

    Hey! In the middle of purchasing a new vehicle in Iowa to be sent to Florida. Looking for recommendations for any transport companies you have worked with. Doesn't need to be covered. Or I guess companies to avoid would work too.
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    OU football player gets his ass kicked in the bathroom

    Ain't that the truth. Especially at a bar.
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    Want to move, how to pick the best location

    Just glad you found a place you like!
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    Want to move, how to pick the best location

    Sounds good man. Just shoot me a PM when you get here.
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    Want to move, how to pick the best location

    Not sure if you are serious or not. But a small little town, farming community. Some of the nicest people are out there. However, there really isn't anything there. At least you got off the beach before Spring Break, it's nuts. But a great show if you know what I mean. I've never been to a...
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    Want to move, how to pick the best location

    This is why I don't invite you to lunch.