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  • That looks great. I was thinking about H&R supersports but this is as perfect as its gonna get. Thanks a lot for the pictures!
    I don't like this picture, it makes it look slammed but it shows the rear drop more.

    take a screenshot

    I don't have trouble going over speed bumps, but ones I had three passengers and it hit a few jounces.

    The other photos had max negative camber. I forgot to adjust the camber plates and I was too lazy to put it on stands again. It definitely needs wider wheels though, there's about an inch between the wheel and the fendor. Tires are 19/40/255 all around
    I'll post it here in case someone else was looking for photos

    this is the stock springs

    picture sharing

    adult image

    after Eibach sportlines

    windows screen capture

    taking a screen shot

    photo share
    Hey 5.0GT! I just bought a black 2011 gt/cs and have been shopping for lowering springs as my first mod. I'v been having trouble getting an idea of what certain drops will look like with the stock cs 19"s. I would really appreciate it if you can send me a couple of pictures of your car to get a better visual of the drop. Thanks and have great day

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