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    WANTED: 1R3Z-6313300-BAB

    I’m looking for a nos p/n 1R3Z-6313300-BAB Shoot me a pm if you got a set
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    Mods required to safely get 800 RWHP on pump gas?

    Why not just get it tuned with some boostane or torco? Have 2 tunes. One for e85 and one for 93 and the addative.
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    Why did you sell your Shelby?

    I just wasn't in love with it... I had a c6 zr1 and a 6th gen zl1 before this car and it just didn't perform near to what I was expecting for some reason (go figure). I even modded it and it still didn't deliver. The car doesn't feel planted at all when driven aggressively and at any given...
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    stock clutch

    it seems most people drag race the piss out of these cars so that abuse typically plays into the life expectancy of the clutch.
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    Official Terminator Picture Thread

    i been trying to find that exhaust system for a minute now... they dont make the tips like that any longer come to find out.
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    stock clutch

    what is the most power you have made on a stock clutch? Just curious on if anyone has made 800. I have made 700 rear wheel but i was wondering if someone has made more.
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    FOR SALE: 2013 gt500 5800 miles

    56k bottom dollar and its ready to go
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    WANTED: Wtb cold air intake

    i have a real carbon fiber jlt 127 ill sell.
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    WANTED: bassani catback with the angled / slash cut tips

    I'm looking for a bassani catback mainly the tail pipe section in perfect shape that have the tips that "flow" with the curvature of the rear bumper.
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    FOR SALE: 2013 gt500 5800 miles

    new price 58k
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    Tuned 03 unable to get NY inspection

    Houston Performance is no longer in business. I would put the catted mid pipe on the car and find a stock air box and flash the car back to the factory tune... it will pass that way and then you can figure out a plan of attack. IF YOU DO THIS DONT RACE THE CAR AROUND. Just cruise it to the...
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    FOR SALE: 2013 gt500 5800 miles

    a few more