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    Stop Wasting Money | Rotate Your Tires More Often

    I balanced and rotated my tires every 3k miles on my 12 F150. Got an almost new set of AMP Allterrains off market place for 300 bucks (around 1k new) because the guy couldn’t get them to balance.. well I had no issue. Put 50k on those things with towing the car all over the place. Smooth as...
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    What is your daily beater? Do you enjoy it?

    My turbocharged 01 Bullitt does a lot of sitting these days… but I was daily driving my 12 CCSB coyote F150. Was tired of racking up the mileage and fuel costs on that so I grabbed an 06 Corolla with crank windows and a 5-spd, with ice cold AC I may add, for 500 bucks out of the auction pile at...
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    Car is breaking up when I stab the throttle

    Sounds exactly like the issue I’m chasing as well with my Turbocharged Bullitt. Thing was a beast for like 2 years after I built the motor in 2015 and had it at 14psi, 509/518 numbers. After about 2 years it started breaking up just like yours, cutting out and backfiring. I recently installed...
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    SVTP is Going Offline | We’re Moving | New Server News and Software Updates

    Test. I like this so far! I also just signed up for the Party package
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    Dream Ride today?

    What did the Bullitt look like? Just found out my wife’s old one got sold back to someone in MA
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    Shop for gears install

    How far are you from Waterbury? Got a buddy with a Mustang shop there
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    Coyote bearings

    Hey guys, I have a 2012 F150 with the dreaded cyl#4 distortion knock. I’m putting in a very low mile 5.0 in but it has a damaged rear bearing. Everything else is absolutely perfect and I can still read the numbers on the bearing surface. The rear bearing and thrust washer. Is there any way to...
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    RPM Act - PFI Speed & EPA

    Yea not sure. They made a video explaining all that happened
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    RPM Act - PFI Speed & EPA

    That was a hard watch, the emotion he showed was real fighting back the tears. It’s bullshit. I know Lund got “raided” a few months back as well and they complied. Not sure if anything else has come of that. Thankfully my car is exempt from emissions in my state as it’s heavily modded. My F150...
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    2012 engine knock/tap

    Has anyone rectified the 11/12 coyote knock or “tap” in the F150s without swapping the entire engine. My 12 has had a serious tapping for about 10k miles now. Everyone is saying it’s the #4 cylinder distortion that’s an issue, but another Ford tech said it sounded like top end. I just put in...
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    Spotted Thread..

    Yea it’s always around the area. I live right down the street from where he works haha. s al
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    Spotted Thread..

    A super rare low mile Huffy. Things a beauty
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    Spotted Thread..

    Oh no kidding!
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    Spotted Thread..

    You local? I’m in Lowell but work in Nashua
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    Spotted Thread..

    There’s a few in that area, I work right in Nashua at the Toyota dealer