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  • Was searching Google for old F150 step side trucks and came across some pics you posted here and on F150 forums from 2010... Do you still have that old truck? Looking at the pics- I believe that was my old truck- the dent in the passenger front grill was put there by me in high school. Just wanted to see what happened to it and if it's still on the road.

    Hey was wondering if you could give me some information and maybe pictures of your Bullitt build. I have an 03 saleen from maine and looking to go the turbo route with it and am interested in the on3 kit and wanted to know how you liked yours. Also wondering if you install it yourself? Wondering about what k member you went with, how it handles on the road with it, and how hard it was to put in. Any help would be great, looking to get everything together for the build this late fall for a winter project. Thanks
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