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    HPM Megabite Jr's

    Hey everyone I pick up some HPM Megabite "old school" rear lower and upper control arms from a friend which seem to be in really good shape but I was wanting to replace the the bushings for peace of mind, would anyone know by chance what or where I can find some good replacement bushings for...
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    15x9 wheels 5.5 B.S

    Guys I have a 1996 cobra with the factory brakes I am wanting to know if anyone has ran a 15x9 with 5.5 B.S on the rear cobra brakes with out any modifications......I already know that a 15x8 with 5.5bs will fit with no mod and a 15x10 with6.5 bs will require notching the banjo bolt and some...
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    03-04 cobra procharger kit

    I found a good running procharger for sale pretty cheap it comes with everything minus injectors and mass air, I would be getting this kit for my 96 4v I know I would have to do a c head swap but just wanted to get someones opinion on what they thought about this idea.???
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    LCA swap

    I was going to swap my stock control arms for some used hpm megabite jr's I bought off of ebay but as I was going to start I noticed a bolt and small bracket for the emergency cable, well my question is what have everyone else done with the e-brake cable and this little bracket when doing the...
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    Welder for Sri

    Guys I'm not real knowledgeable about welders as far as how or which metals they work on... So my question is when doing a short runner intake and cutting and welding the runners which kind of welder would I use to weld the runner back together? Mig?
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    Short runner intake wtb

    I am wanting to see if anyone has a SRI done properly up for sale. Would be interested in a complete intake but a lower intake sr would be fine. Please let me know if you got something. Thanks
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    Motive 4:30s

    Is there anything to worry about reliability on this brand, I just realized frpp does not make 4:30's anymore
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    14.7 at the track

    I went to the track on Saturday and was not expecting my car to be as slow as it was I ran a 14.7 @93mph with a 2.2 60ft I was spinning through first on some nittos 555r. Although I was spinning I took my rpms to 7k like I had seen suggested and I was thinking that even as poor of a take off...
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    Best Investment? Suggestions please?

    Guy I was curious in your opinion what would be the best investment a built engine or buy a supercharger, I got some tax return money and I have about 6k to play with, also could I still have a strong engine to run in the street if I build a engine for a boost application and don't actually get...
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    B heads vs C Heads

    Does anyone have an idea how much is the hp difference between the b heads and intake vs the c heads and intake is. What's the most hp seen by each setup by you guys?
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    Tips for better runs sn95 cobra 4v

    Guys I am going to run my car this weekend, I have some Nitto 555R DR's that I will be running my car with this weekend. I just wanted to get some input from you guys on any tips you can give me for a better run. I think ive heard to try and shift between 6k and 6.3K to get the most power from...
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    Race tonight

    I ran a buddy of mine to see where I stand with my cobra, he beat me by 2.5-3 cars but my car has felt sluggish since I got it. Just curious if this is we're I should be ill post below my mods vs his (Mine) 96 mustang cobra 6-speed BBK LT & o/r x-pipe Slp lm1 Jlt cai Tubular k-member...
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    aviation or race fuels

    Just a few questions hopefully someone can answer for me, i was curious if running aviation or race fuel would do any harm to my engine without tuning the computer for it, and if so is it worth a few pony's?
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    Tuning Software/Programmer 96 DOHC

    Hey guys i have been looking into some handheld programmers and trying to find some softwares so i could tune my car a little better. Would you guys have any ideas on what is the best tuning software if nobody know of a software for our cars than any suggestions on the best programmer??
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    B-intake into a short runner

    My question to my fellow svtpr's is what is it that actually gets done when someone says i have turned my intake into a shortrunner, is it porting....etc???? Im just curious?? :shrug: