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  • I have a set of fox tailpipes I'll trade u for ur Irs pipes, lmk bro. Shoot me a text at 909-802-4064
    Hey bud im new on here but i was wondering i fi could get somebinfo on nightwing the guy with the comp orange roller ive been after that car for two years now and i thought we were on for this friday to get the deal done i mean i had already put in a vacation day in at work lined up borrowing a truck had the money ready the whole nine yards and now hes telling me we need to do it someother time .this isnt the first time this hes pulled this on me he told me back in may he would let me have it for 16 with all the parts but then told me he changed his mind!! Hes already cused me out on the phone which he wont call u back or anwer text maybe 1 out of 10 .my point is hes pissed me off and im sure alot of other people he needs to be kicked off the website hes shady and has stood other people up as well. And im mean come on a comp orange cobra w twin turbos for 16 bieng on the web for as many times as hes had it listed???? U know somethins gotta be wrong
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