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    New Hood for the Shelby

    Hood looks great. Did they finish the underside?
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    The Meteor Interceptor (2500hp?)

    That’s incredible. Definitely want to see the end product.
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    Frying Pans Are Awesome!

    I’ve never considered that a weapon of choice, but damn. That’s great.
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    Snake Abuse! Should I call the ASPCA

    Front brakes are Baer 6S Extremes. 14” rotors with six piston calipers.
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    Snake Abuse! Should I call the ASPCA

    It’s not a SS, but still has a lot of nice parts on it. The badging, stripes and center caps aren’t SS. Car still has many desirable parts that are no longer available. I would definitely enquire about it.
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    GT500 dirty brake fluid

    I bought the black labeled Motive brake bleeder when I swapped to Baers on my KRs. It makes flushing/bleeding brakes a one man job. My wife hated having to do it the old way! I’ve since bought m/c adapters for some of my other vehicles. I highly recommend Motive. Hth
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    I bought a Shelby Super Snake hood...looking at finally installing it.

    I would contact Shelby in Vegas. I know they used to offer a wiper relocation kit. They would probably be able to answer any questions that you have on your install. Also, Robert M has posted on the Super Snake hood differences over time.
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    Finally scored some True Forged Hood vents!

    Finally got the vents installed. We appreciate Steve & the OP on getting these. They are 100Xs better than the stock setup. Thanks again.
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    Supercharger Oil

    I used a syringe with a piece of vacuum line that fit on the end of it. That way I could snake it to the bottom of the snout between the snout and the gears. If you’re removing the whole blower then you can just drain it by tipping it up.
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    Looking for modulare H9 super snake forged wheels.

    Do the rear wheels have enough space to clear the Shelby/Baer 6P brakes? I thought I had read that the spokes would not clear the calipers.
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    WTB power steering reservoir

    One 2005 - 2009 Mustang Shelby Black Power Steering Tank | eBay. Exactly what you’re looking for I believe.
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    c8 test m/t

    I hope it runs circles around the NFGT. No interviews to see whether or not you are worthy to purchase one, no less a s fraction of the Ford’s price.
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    WTB ‘13/‘14 Stock Supercharger Pulley

    Thanks Garrin. I literally just purchased one an hour before. Thank you anyways.
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    WTB ‘13/‘14 Stock Supercharger Pulley

    Looking for a stock 2.7” ‘13/‘14 GT500 supercharger pulley for my TVS. Thanks, Duane R.