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  • Hi. Sorry for my English, I am from Poland. I have such a question, I read an old post about the car and the head gasket test. Where they told you that everything was fine in one place and different in another. How did this case end, however, did you have a broken head gasket, was everything OK? Best Regards. Mirek
    It would be wheels only no tires , as far as blemishes the wheels really don't have any except for very minor surface scratches from normal use and cleaning. Weight wise the rears are 32 lbs each and the fronts are 30 lbs each.
    How much tire is left?

    How much does each wheel weigh?

    Can you send a picture to 734-775-5495 regarding the scratches/blemishes?

    Hi, I am interested in your Alcoas. Do they fit on a 14 GT without brembos without any different spacers?

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