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  • What tire sizes and what wheels on the red cobra with black wheels , great looking set up, text me if you want 6628823883
    trying to find out what size wheels you have in the rear? i have the afs cobras and they are 18x9s. i want 18x10s but cant find them.
    Holy crap. U must have burnt up 15,000 miles of tread on that 3rd gear burn-out. I could almost smell the burning rubber. :)
    Thanks for replying to my post bro, but what kind of lower pulleys do I get because I noticed there are different weights and sizes. What is the difference? what brands are the best?

    Saw you're from CT thought I'd add ya to the friends list. Saving up for to get my own cobra in a few years!
    Hey, I'm not able to PM you, assuming its because I don't have enough posts yet.

    Can you please tell your friend to e-mail me some details at [email protected]? I would have him call me but I'm very busy with school, would be much easier for him to email some basic info about it. Also, where in CT are you guys located?


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