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  1. speedracer43
    speedracer43 kevinatfms
    Hi, is this kevinatfms? I am trying to figure out how to PM on this site?
  2. TERMIB@36
    [email protected] SVT Zorro
    Is your Cobra still for sale?
  3. Adam1978
    Adam1978 SilverSlayerTT
    Is the irs still avaiable. If so please text me at 205-613-6315
  4. Adam1978
    Adam1978 SilverSlayerTT
    Is this still available
  5. Marcus201
    Marcus201 jbrown1238
    I have a Blue Agave Fender I am trying to paint match. Can you help me out with the color code?
  6. Metanightmare
    Im about to be on the streets real soon
  7. iwantasvt
    iwantasvt tporter67
    Interested in your car if available. I'm in SC as well. Lmk, thanks.
  8. tina gamino
    tina gamino MOTOWN M
    I am thinking about buying a new intercoooler, as I believe mine is leaking. Did you have issues with that one you just sold? would your recommend any certain one. thanks 1-734-652-2438
    1. MOTOWN M
      MOTOWN M
      No issues whatsoever! it was brand new in the box , LFP is the only Intercooler to be considered its the best option.
      Apr 11, 2021
  9. Dave.O
    Dave.O Rmedad
    saw your post on the M58 cat back, I'm interested.
    contact me at 9144003964
    thanks dave
  10. stvdman
    stvdman 13COBRA
    2016 Ford Explorer Sport 69500 miles. VIN 1FM5K8GT3GGD10722

    Good condition exactly what you would expect from a well taken care of Explorer with that mileage. thanks for the info!

  11. KC/COBRA
    I forgot what dealership you have. Victory Ford? I live in Peculiar and have been looking hard at F150's.

    I talked to you on here years ago but totally forgot the dealership.


    1. 13COBRA
      Chuck Anderson Ford.

      Trucks are pretty slim picking right now. Shoot me an email with what you're looking for and I'll do whatever I can to assist.

      [email protected]erson.com
      Apr 6, 2021
  12. Bk Cobra
    Bk Cobra CobraHuck
  13. Bk Cobra
    Bk Cobra atlanticblueV6
  14. Bk Cobra
    Bk Cobra Evil Mach
  15. TheNomad
    TheNomad BlunkinSpice
    Was wondering if your 2014 mustang was available
  16. Misfits40
    Misfits40 5.0 Hatch
    Text me if you’re interested in the black 01 cobra vert. My pic files were too large to upload
    817-773-4516 michael
  17. JRS03
    JRS03 Harley diesel
    Good afternoon sir, is your GT500 still available?
  18. 89stang
    89stang tporter67
    Still have the ported blower and supporting mods for sale?
  19. Sprayboy422
    Sprayboy422 techi14
    Good morning techi14 I am definitely looking for a white with blue striped convertible. And I believe I’m just about four hours from you. If you could email me at [email protected] We can probably work out a deal before the weekends over.
  20. Gaindian
    Gaindian techi14
    I might be interested. Could you email more info and pics to [email protected]?
    Thanks, Roger