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  1. equinemechanic
    equinemechanic Nick03gt
    give me a call or shoot me a message, im interested in the cobra. Im located in idaho.

  2. Mjones2017
    Mjones2017 king_mau

    Some pics of the car, any modifications or is it still stock? Thanks
  3. bmxr152
    Back in the life
  4. Mjones2017
    Mjones2017 king_mau
    Very interested if you are selling a comp orange 04 cobra. Let me know some details please. Thanks
    1. king_mau
      Sure. What else would you like to know besides what I already wrote on the post? You can also leave me your # and we can text for faster response.
      Apr 7, 2020 at 10:40 PM
  5. Mjones2017
    Mjones2017 king_mau
    Very interested if you are selling a comp orange 04 cobra. Let me know some details please. Thanks
  6. Jaymen Lauer
    Jaymen Lauer Silver03Snake
    Like I said not trying to low ball you but buying a used drive shaft is really a tough sell.
    1 ding in it and it isn't structurally the same. Even a rock dent. If you want to recoup some of your money I would probably go $300 shipped? I doubt you will get another offer but I could be wrong.
    1. Macman756
      You posted this publicly bud. Don't lowball the guy at a third of MSRP. Nothing wrong with a used driveshaft, not needed but you can rebalance. Takes alot to F up an aluminum shaft out of balance. Also for the seller, I've sold both of my DSS units when I upgraded Mustangs within a few days. Hold out
      Apr 7, 2020 at 11:14 PM
  7. 98 Frankenstang
    98 Frankenstang The Red Monster
    Just wanted to leave a review. I bought a COP conversion harness back in 2011 and it is still working flawlessly. Thank you!
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  8. faw99
    faw99 trxcobra
    Still have mustang for sale ?
    1. trxcobra
      The notchback? It is not officially listed for sale anywhere (never was) but I would consider it for the right price. Would need to be mid-20s for me to let it go
      Apr 7, 2020 at 5:13 PM
  9. faw99
  10. Smugi2020
    Smugi2020 John24
    hey there,
    friend of mine just sent me the post because I've always wanted an 03/04 COBRA.

    being completely honest - my cap is 28K to spend on the car.
    let me know.

    if not, i appreciate your time.
  11. trafficman337
    trafficman337 Cobra83
    Joe, I don't think I am allowed to send a PM. If you are interested in talking about my car, 860-462-5361 is my cell. Thanks, Mark.
  12. trafficman337
    trafficman337 Cobra83
    I am contemplating selling mine. I have 5500 miles on it, Oxford White, loaded. I am in CT.
  13. king_mau
    king_mau Vic Centeno
    I have a 04 Comp Orange Coupe 1of281 in Southern CA. 103k Miles. PM me if Interested...
  14. ReneSVT
    ReneSVT rymax101
    hey buddy not sure if this is the message section to ask you about the halfshafts that you have on ebay lol new to this forum
  15. Booferton
    Booferton lowranger96
  16. reldapimp
    reldapimp holiks03cobra
    Want to sell the quick6? If so, how much?
    1. holiks03cobra
      Sure. I was about to send it back for a refund of $1000 so I would have to get at least that to sell
      Apr 7, 2020 at 9:44 AM
  17. Jonhy100993
    Jonhy100993 lowranger96
    Interested in purchasing your install kit for the ATS calipers email is [email protected] please get back to me at your earliest convenience
  18. Alaskanwhitesna
    New to the stable. 2012 Laguna seca 2019 GT350R
  19. Tyler321
    Tyler321 fjules
    Sorry man... didn’t notice asking price. Nice ride. A little out of my range.
  20. Tyler321
    Tyler321 TermiT
    Car still for sale?