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  1. JD Manger
    JD Manger
    Shelby Authorized Dealer
  2. JD Manger
    JD Manger
    Shelby Authorized Dealer
  3. EbDiesel
    EbDiesel Jaysonsyl
    Any pics of the 03 OW?
  4. smc_bullitt
    smc_bullitt lowranger96
    I am looking to purchase the ATS caliper install kit can you PM me or email me at [email protected]
    Thank you
  5. 4daluv
    4daluv DSGShawn
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  6. 4daluv
    1. EbDiesel
      If it wasn’t 2500 miles away I’d buy it. Thanks though man i appreciate the input
      Feb 25, 2020 at 1:05 PM
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  7. Vette vs Stang
  8. Vette vs Stang
    Vette vs Stang hawaiiancobra
    Send me a PM. I’m new so I can’t create one yet. In regards to killer chiller. Thanks!
  9. 1mod@atime
    [email protected] Black Gold 380R
    Hey man I'm new to this site but I've heard you're the one to get in touch with about custom model Terminators...
    1. Black Gold 380R
      Black Gold 380R
      Yes sir. I sent you a PM. At the top right portion of your screen you should see your "INBOX." If you have access, since you're new.
      Feb 25, 2020 at 9:16 AM
  10. Scott Rinehart
    Scott Rinehart TP 112
    You asked in another thread if someone is still looking. I'm currently looking so if you know of one, I'm about 2 hours from you. Let me know. Thanks!
  11. RunninHorse
    S197 Noob looking for guidance
  12. txcharlie
    txcharlie Myfast70
    Would you sell only the springs?
  13. HANK_V8
  14. biminiLX
    biminiLX Bracketbomber
    My dad just bought a Marauder. Please send me your number, we are local. Thanks. -J
    1. Bracketbomber
      I would like to sell all as 1. make a fair offer. 313 820-5978 after noon or evening
      Feb 25, 2020 at 1:45 AM
  15. Pop’sFox88
    Pop’sFox88 93cobraJoe
    Do you by chance still have the white face ford racing tach?
  16. arachnoscz
    arachnoscz lowranger96
  17. Kdawgg11
    Kdawgg11 Black Gold 380R
    Hi I would like a die cast cobra made for me please pm me when you have time please thank you I appreciate it
  18. Skyturd31
    Active in upgrading my Raptor
  19. Sonic03Coba
    Sonic03Coba 03Cobra05GT
    I would like more info on the 04' Cobra 8158228037
  20. Snake390-1
    Snake390-1 [email protected]
    My car is going to be available again, deal fell thru. If interested, let me know. I think it's down around page 10 or so, black 5000 miles. I bought it new. I was going to wait until the weather got a little better.