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  1. richie minix
    richie minix
    Looking to sale my 2000 gt fully converted 04 cobra big turbo car
  2. Michael Rondeau
    Michael Rondeau 65wildstang
    Would you take $650 for the caged pulley?
  3. Valor
    Valor OSU34
    Good morning I know someone looking for a clean 2.3 do you still have yours for sale? VMP 2.3
  4. Valor
    Valor 03Steve
    Hey Steve how are you? I had a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind (508)264-5559 thanks I appreciate it it’s about the gen 2 2.3 TVS S Hook thanks
  5. DCguy
    DCguy ricafortegio
    Also, may I ask what HID headlight and fog light kit you're using? Did you clear the corners yourself or buy aftermarket headlights? Thanks!
  6. DCguy
    DCguy ricafortegio
    Hey man. Ran across your cobra looking up wheels. Those 05's are nasty. I was also looking at the 06 for that CCW/Forgestar look. Is yours an IRS car? Did you have any issues fitting the 19x11 with your listed offsets? Any spacers required? I was going for an 18x11, but after seeing your car I think i'm leaning for a 19 now.
  7. Polls
    Polls davej
    I saw ur 95r for sale, it mentions it is canadian compliant, are you located in canada? I am from vancouver bc
  8. 1996 Mystic
  9. Jperez21
    Jperez21 1SHELBY
    Intereated on the 2.5 inch pulley?
  10. Joe Hirsch
    Joe Hirsch Eatonualive281
    Might be interested in the 98 cobra cams, text me at 815-953-1965, thanks.
  11. snk8bte01
    snk8bte01 BMR Tech
    Hello sir do you have a minute to spare to talk about the setting on some Dual adjustable VIking shocks?
  12. SammyP
    SammyP jrubnercobra
    Interested in your cobra, I am ready to buy if it is right. 209 275 3017. I am near Daytona Beach FL. Please call me and or text me pics/vids of the vehicle.
  13. DCguy
    DCguy dmaxk
    Hey bud. Saw a picture of your CCWs on your car and was just curious if you could share specs since i'm on the hunt for wheels on an 04' Termi.

    Are they 18's? What is dimension of front and rear rim?
    Do you know the offset / backspacing?
    Spacers or no?
    IRS car or solid rear?
    Did you have to roll fenders?
    What sized tires?

    Thanks for you help.
  14. Prime_Mover
    Prime_Mover jrubnercobra
    Interested in your cobra. Please send pics/ price/ particulars to 504.291.2540 or [email protected]
  15. Booky
    Who's Picking The Banjo Here?
  16. Jeff pauline
    Jeff pauline
    Finally loaded and posted (correctly) phots to for sale post . Thanks for instructions
  17. ArthurS
    ArthurS SammyP
    Got a 03 sonic blue vert for sale in Louisiana. 12253629554 hit me up for info. It’s in baton rouge
  18. ArthurS
    ArthurS SammyP
    Got a 03 sonic blue vert for sale in Louisiana. 12253629554 hit me up for info. It’s in baton rouge
  19. ArthurS
    ArthurS Js281
    Hey bud got a sonic blue cart for sale in Baton Rouge Louisiana. 12253629554 got it on Facebook and can text pics if needed
    1. ArthurS
      Vert not cart
      Nov 29, 2019
  20. Randall0624
    Randall0624 90mustangGTOH
    Do know a guy that had a yellow 96 cobra with black on the hood I think I have his old car and would like to talk to him to get some info on the car