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  1. oscarigz
    oscarigz CobraH04
  2. Radron2626
    Radron2626 rccg94
    Hello, do you still have the car for sale? I am located in Denver as well.
  3. Radron2626
    Radron2626 Zach Edwards
    Hello, do you still have the car for sale? I am located in Denver as well.
  4. TFraser479
    TFraser479 03cobra#694
    Just updated my post, does that work for rule#7?
  5. Jamie Swift
    Jamie Swift Caleb Naasko
    Just curious if your friend still has the 10th Anniversary wheels for sale?
  6. Partyboy652
    Partyboy652 311-420
    Just text me. That would probably be easier and quicker. 214-707-1830
  7. Raptor19
    Raptor19 13COBRA

    I am looking to order a 2020 gt500. My local dealer is asking for $4000 over msrp. Do you have any available? Know of any available?
    1. 13COBRA
      All of my allocations are spoken for. At this point in the game $4k over, might not be a bad deal.
      Aug 13, 2019 at 1:12 PM
  8. cbehr
    cbehr 03cobra#694
    Hello, I just got into the market for an 03/04 terminator and was wondering if I you could give me some advice on one I found for sale on here? You seem to be very knowledgeable and I'm just learning...plus it's about 1k miles away but seems like the deal I've been looking for. Couldn't find a way to PM you?
    1. 03cobra#694
      Post up a link in the Terminator Talk section.
      Aug 13, 2019 at 10:32 AM
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  9. txrunner
    txrunner gr850
    saw that you might be selling a 2012 GT500. could you sent me some info/pics? Looking for a 2012-214 with the Recaro seats. you can text me 832-816-0398. thanks
  10. Blitzkrieg78
    Blitzkrieg78 Tripleduece
    Hey, by coincidence, I just came across that guy today - for the brembo brake stuff. What did you order? I’m considering buying some calipers from him. Let me know how things turn out, I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. 1EvilSVT
    Looking for 03/04 cobra stock springs
  12. Need 04 Wine
    Need 04 Wine PaxtonShelby
    LMAO.....I think your smart paxton keep it going
  13. Radron2626
    Radron2626 Dave01GT
    Do you still have the car for sale?
  14. Khan
    Khan PaxtonShelby
    You are an idiot. Keep me out of your conversations....
  15. chuyleon95
    chuyleon95 fireman02
    Hey I’m interested in your car, I saw you posted on another page. I’m newer to svtp. Could you text me at8125936755
  16. !1997svtCOBRA!
    !1997svtCOBRA! lightningmystic
    Hey there I will buy that lower from you right now!
    My cell is 1-608-386-2725
  17. Tripleduece
    Tripleduece AMChrisRose
    Chris, may I have the discount code, I need to order a few things. Thanks!
  18. TJL850I
  19. Juston
    Juston Chrome98Cobra
    Hi is this still available? My brother heard I wanted one so he sent me here. I’ve never been on a forum so hopefully I’m don’t this right lol. My name is Juston phone number is 469-476-9550
  20. Fred NY
    Fred NY kwiksilver
    My name is Fred, I’m French and I think that I bought your previous GT500 with V USA.
    She’s fine and it’s really a great car, very well maintained.
    Just one point, the cooling van turns most of the time at its hight speed, even if the cooling temperature is slow.
    I replaced the Engine Cooling Fan Resistor but there’s no improvement.
    Do you have any idea to solve this ?
    Thanks in advances,