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  1. 97svt-ftw
    97svt-ftw fitforspeed
    Could you contact me about your 5.3 motor please. I can't seem to find a way to message you so hopefully you will see this.
  2. thebreeze
    thebreeze andrewrj
    Is your cobra still available? 402.276.1446
  3. thebreeze
    thebreeze revvin7
    Hey bud, happened to see you're in ol' Wahoo. I'm down here in Lincoln, just happened across your post. If you end up ever wanting to let that machine go, let a guy know. Or if you just want to bs about it, feel free. I've always been partial to the OW's. My name is Tyler, and my cell is 402.276.1446. Take er' easy sir.
  4. Maddragster
    Maddragster C0bra99
    Good evening, do you have any info on bearing specs for the p600b procharger? I have to do a total rebuild.
    I need to replace all four bearings, input shaft, seal's, and the small brass spring washer.

    Thank you for your help.
  5. Jason6864
    Jason6864 Lightning94
    Do you still have the svt focus fuel pump?
  6. RedStage3
    RedStage3 13COBRA
    Hi, I am probably late to the party but was wondering if you have any base gt500 allocations available. Race red with technology package. Thanks Mike Colgan 319-759-7260
    1. 13COBRA
      About 4 months late, sorry Mike! Good luck on your search!
      Jul 18, 2019 at 6:25 PM
  7. MaximumSVT
    MaximumSVT 13COBRA
    Hello Nick,
    I am going to look at an F250 Saturday (VIN: 1FT7W2BT2KEE32062) and hope you can assist. I want to know the x plan and invoice price. I was quoted a price of $64,391 that includes current rebates along with a private cash rebate (#37226) of $2k. I suspect this has gone beyond the x plan / invoice price but would like your input. Thanks so much and really appreciate what you do in the forum.
    1. 13COBRA
      X Plan is $71,412.93.

      Sounds like the $64,391 is well below that (rebates included).
      Jul 18, 2019 at 1:57 PM
  8. Fredo418
  9. William Sly
    William Sly Neil1b
    Would you still be willing to sell it in near future? I’m located in Detroit area. Thanks, William
  10. William Sly
    William Sly musclecarresort
    I’m in Detroit area, would like to talk further about mods you’ve done, just bought an 11 Shelby
  11. TaraFirma
    a dude, disguised as another dude
  12. J.Kincaid
    J.Kincaid yoolose
    Hey can you give me a call? 505-271-8329
  13. Bodacious32
    Bodacious32 Action
    Do you still have the Shelby cover? If it is easier you can text me at+615-517-5744
  14. Taco Junkie
  15. Greg Smith
    Greg Smith svt662
    My allocation is going for $25k over MSRP, options are still available to choose how you want except for the CFTP and the Painted Stripes.
  16. Antonio351
    Antonio351 SADDLE
    I’m interested in that intake for sale....I can’t seen to pm you initially. I did post on the thread...lmk if it’s still available, I’m ready to buy.
  17. slang925
    2007 Shelby GT500 looking for more power!
  18. steemin
    steemin 13COBRA
    I have been searching for a dealer to order
    A 2020 GT500
    Twister Orange tri coat
    Carbon fiber track pack
    Technology package
    Car cover.

    No stripes
    No other options

    I read here on the forum that you have an allocation of a few cars at 1K over MSRP

    I am ready to order and place a deposit if this is the case

    My cell is 1-260-438-0843


    1. 13COBRA
      Scott I believer we just spoke on the phone. Good luck in your search.
      Jul 11, 2019
  19. Supreme_5oh
    Ported Cobra Jet, TS Long tubes, FP Cold Air, E85, DynoEdge Tune, 460WHP 400TQ
  20. VegasMichael
    Machup1 and me.