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  1. Kyle knapik
  2. Kyle knapik
    Kyle knapik JStyles
    Are you selling that black coupe ?
  3. Kyle knapik
    Kyle knapik Dave_MLZ
    Yo Dave do you have the car still for sale in central fl
  4. RumRed
    As the power starts to climb I pray my motor is healthy N fine if something happens while tuning I pray the motor don't go Boom!!!
  5. ICE888
    JDM and USDM forging makes a pretty nice child...
  6. Mustangdr
    Mustangdr HausCobra
    How much are you selling your 3.2 for?
  7. trmnlfrst
  8. Kyle knapik
    Kyle knapik
    WTB 03-04 Cobra (15k-20k)
  9. CableGuy85
    CableGuy85 musclecarresort
    Interested in red valve covers for 03 04 cobra. Are these still avail
  10. SVTDustin
    03 Cobra redfire for sale. 27k original miles. 4-5 on build. 853rwhp on e85. 3.4 liter whipple. SRAS. New Tremec trans. fully built.
  11. andrewrj
  12. Ryan Lombardi
    Ryan Lombardi JKM10
    Can i get your phone number? Im interested in your cobra (live in rhode island). New memeber wont let me pm you.
  13. RumRed
    Finally received my LaRue 308 with PP Scope to mount on it What Fun the back 40 of my property will be this weekend!!
  14. skyemarie
  15. hoeygatt
    2011 - Shelby GT500
  16. Vinnie Swole
    Vinnie Swole
    Brother Nature
  17. robtee
  18. Joe Hirsch
    Joe Hirsch subobo0411
    Interested in the sub. Is it all in working condition?
  19. RumRed
    Well not a svt owner anymore not my fastest flip! Traded the svt for a 05 Hayabusa 7 second 310Hp 2 stage NOS drag bike!
  20. Cpt Stabbin
    Cpt Stabbin shauncurt
    following up with your post on my WTB post.. please shoot me a message or text with some pics of black cobra 5089547794