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  1. Tonyjsir
    Tonyjsir WireEater
    Was wondering if I could get a discount code for AM ?
  2. Joe Hirsch
    Joe Hirsch gofast15
    Interested in the ID1050x injectors, text me at 815-953-1965
  3. Boosted32V
    Boosted32V Speeda86
    Not sure how to send a private message, this board has changed a lot. I hope you get this post, how much to ship that 98 Cobra X pipe to Texas; 75454
  4. Vincent 03 GT
    Vincent 03 GT termibryqn
    I was just wondering why you are selling the Metco puller setup. I just bought the setup with a 4lb pulley and was thinking of going to a 6lb before I put in on my car. I've had some people say it will work no problem with my stock eaton. Then I've had others say don't do it they break cranks. I just figured I'd ask someone who had one their input about them
  5. garifo
    garifo CobradaCableGuy
    Do you still fix the cobra gauges or do you instruccions as to how to fix them.
  6. switchblade
    STREETFIGHTER50 GarageLogic
  8. aseecobra
    aseecobra keiths98cobra
    Do you still have a aluminum block for sale?
  9. TVTonsterSVT
    TVTonsterSVT rio95cobra
    Can you PM about the parts for sale?
  10. slow06
    slow06 03bluemach
    Was wondering if you still had the wheel spacers.
  11. 12.5/1
    12.5/1 bfgtim
    Do you still have the blower and want to be done with it sold with no BS contact Paul [email protected] Thanks
    1. bfgtim
      Email sent to you.
      Mar 16, 2019 at 1:32 PM
  12. Roderick
    Roderick twinvipers
    Do you still have the 03 Saleen S281-C? If so are you interested in sell it?
  13. chrisblack
    TD Motion Performance Bolt Ons. Jeep, Mustang, Modern Muscle Hot Rods
  14. Skunk Works
    Skunk Works
    Coolant leak between the engine and fire wall of the terminators. Is it my freeze plugs/heater hoses/something else ‍♂️. Leak on cross mem
  15. 5L0BRA
    5L0BRA IllCobra
    Still have your ported Eaton? If so please pm me
  16. Luedy
  17. Fooj
    Fooj ra03svtcobra
    I can't PM people still, could you PM me if you have done any trans work to the car?
    1. ra03svtcobra
      No work on the transmission other than the MGW shifter and a new throwout bearing when I had it out for the LDC Cooling Mod. It's the factory 6-speed
      Mar 13, 2019
  18. navbtcret
    navbtcret Blinkwow74
    If you sent a pm I did not get it.
  19. Blinkwow74
    Blinkwow74 navbtcret
  20. 91bird
    91bird Badboy81
    How much for the springs shipped to 27858? Prefer Fedex. UPS around here destroys everything.