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  1. Snake390-1
    Snake390-1 Matthew-Cody
    Matthew, I don't have a lot of experience with this website either. I'm trying this way to message you on your profile. If you have any questions about the black cobra, I can text back and forth with you if you can send me your text number.
  2. showstopper
    showstopper TK1299
    Any chance of you selling your 93 cobra?
  3. showstopper
    showstopper cobra525
    HI, i saw that you have a 93 cobra. Ive been looking . Any chance of you selling it?
  4. 71catruck
    71catruck Tyler T.
    Do you still have the injectors? Number is 5305204078
  5. Pete Rallis
  6. jjstoaks
    jjstoaks KEVIN WALLS
    Do you by chance still have the L&M 72mm TB? If so would you be willing to part with it?
    02TERMINATORGT 03cobraracer
    ive got come cobra tails for sale mint no harness though but i can build some more than likely
  8. Putnbacononit
    Putnbacononit Carbon Driven
    Do You have any coupon codes for the forum members?
  9. Willcat
    Willcat Modded04
    I'm interested in your tires how can I contact you?..ive left my number but no reply!
  10. Willcat
    Willcat Modded04
    I'm interested in those BFGs how can I contact you?
  11. Nick Tramontin
    Nick Tramontin RTPoole
  12. Cobra Command
    Cobra Command Soap
    Thanks for the reply, I hate to admit, but I am very green on forum sites. I don't see anywhere that gives me the option to PM you.
  13. oster910
    oster910 mooch29
    I have a contact for someone who can scan those spindles and mill them, any interest? Pm me
  14. funkfords
    funkfords ohchiiit
    I'm very interested in your notchback. Please send me the details. Thanks Mike
  15. jeffh81
    jeffh81 Cobruhs
    Need to take your ass to mustang6g with the rest of the fags
  16. gimmie11s
    gimmie11s Cobruhs
    A homo hoe
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  17. jeffh81
    jeffh81 Cobruhs
    Youse a hoe
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  18. Blue Poison
    Blue Poison SID297
    HI Sid, I'd like to know if I could change my username from Blue Poison to Orange Poison? I do not own my Sonic Blue cobra anymore, and now have an Orange fury mustang GT. I do plan on purchasing a Twister Orange GT500 if I can get one. Anyways, I've been a member for years. So I thought I'd ask and try.

    Thank you Sid. Take care.
  19. Cobra Command
    Cobra Command pauli864
    Hi there, I am wondering if your rear ABS is set up on your Cobra? I bought an '04 with a SRA but no rear ABS. Would you know how it is done, or know a shop that would know?
  20. Cobra Command
    Cobra Command UARPREY
    Hi there, I to have bought a Terminator with a SRA swap. Wondering if your rear ABS is working? I have nothing for ABS and need it to pass inspection. If yours is working, would you have any info on who did the swap install and set up?