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  1. KingDonkoPunchr
    first on this site probably back in about 2000' but I've forgotten my old username ... Owned a 01'L, looking to buy again come Spring 2019
  2. Bryce patrick
    Bryce patrick nate-roth
    Hey I received the budget fuel pump from Fathouse and was wondering if you could tell me how you connected your fuel line to the Fathouse pump
  3. reelrampage35
    reelrampage35 kallen
    Can you send me some pics of your car and how much you are looking to get??? [email protected]
    Thanks In DVANCE
  4. jairo lopez
    jairo lopez Blue Diamond
    sorry im new onto the page but i was wondering how were you able to turn off fail safe mode on your gt500 im having that issue with mine and kenne bell has no idea what to say or do i already spent my money buying a new 168mm throttle and pipe for maf and nothing tuned it 8 times already any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. ShadowLands
    ShadowLands BMR Tech 2
    Saw your post on the coyote swap. Looking at doing the same on my '07. Interested in the wiring issues. Getting the stock gauges to work, a/c, traction control, brake/headlight/reverse lights, etc. Your thread didn't get into the wiring or a/c work necessary. I've read Lito's thread on s197forum as well but it's pretty old. Any help would be great.

    SD Wheeler
  6. josephcostello
    josephcostello 03cobra#694
    I posted my 01 Mg cobra for sale in the new edge cobra section and not the classifields. Can you move the thread or should I delete it and create a new one in the proper section? Thanks.
    1. 03cobra#694
      I moved it.
      Oct 18, 2018 at 1:27 PM
      josephcostello likes this.
  7. Jeremy8605
    Jeremy8605 Kool_Guy84
    I have a bbk twin 62mm throttle body for sale if you’re still looking
  8. Gasberner
    Gasberner gt5008
    Would it be better to converse here? New to the Forum. Don’t want to break the rules. If there are any? Lol
  9. rxch.jr
    rxch.jr 04rattler
    Also the price thank you
  10. rxch.jr
    rxch.jr 04rattler
    Text me the pics of the cobra. 626-420-2039
  11. 1EvilSVT
    1EvilSVT Badwill95
    Hey is the RXT still for sale ?
  12. 03mustangmike
  13. STEEDA
    STEEDA Silver Talon
    Can you still look up window sticker?
  14. Doc3379
    Doc3379 jrgoffin
    Hello, I recently stumbled upon your post about using a Roush belt tensioner on a Terminator. I got the new tensioner but I'm having a hard time locating 3.5mm thick washers. Where did you get yours? Is it ok to use either 3mm or 4mm thick washers instead?
  15. kingsize513
    kingsize513 CSCOBRA03
    I'm interested in a diffuser. do they come painted black or bare metal?
  16. Midget Mike
    Midget Mike nl5882
    Interested in your cobra if you still have it send me a text at 9256428133 my name is mike
  17. aseecobra
    aseecobra y2k2gt
    I have a guy named Kevin from North Carolina trying to sell me a ported Hardballer intake. He sent me your pics and ad text from your sale post for a hardballer from 2009. Are you the same guy or do you know who Kevin is?
  18. Neil1b
    Neil1b Rascal
    300 shipped for the mgw?
  20. Neil1b
    Neil1b Rascal
    Can you do 300 shipped to arizona? Zip 85388
    1. Rascal
      I'm awaiting shifter payement now from a buyer. If that falls thru I will want full price.
      Oct 15, 2018 at 9:41 AM