1-of-1 Prototype | 6.7L Powerstroke Ford Racing Turbo Upgrade Kit | Rare Find
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Sometimes you just miss on the follow-through. That’s the story on a lot of ideas and projects. The best laid plans of mice and men, and such. That’s basically what we have laying before us here. What you’re looking at is a 1-of-1 prototype Ford Racing 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel V8 Turbo Upgrade kit. I know, weird right? Ford Racing Performance Parts (now rebranded Ford Performance Racing Parts) has never really dipped their toes into the performance diesel market, yet here’s this kit. Not surprisingly, there’s a bit of a story to go along with it.

Think way back late 2014-early 2015. The updated 2015 Powerstroke equipped Super Duty is just hitting the dealership lots. It was cranking out 440 HP and 860 lb-ft (up from 390/400 HP and 735/800 lb-ft for the 2011-14 models), due in large part to a shiny new single 88mm GT37 turbo. It replaced the earlier somewhat unique single-sequential turbo that was prone to failure at about 100,000 miles. It featured ceramic ball bearings that just...
Motorcraft FL-2062-A Oil Filter Options Reviewed | 3.0L & 2.7L Nano EcoBoost Engines
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If you want to start a guaranteed 3-page flame war on most car forums, there’s no better question to ask than “What’s the best oil/oil filter?” Well this time around we’re going to take a look at every filter I could lay my hands on for the Bronco Raptor. This review is going to pull double duty because the FL-2062-A sized filters being inspected also fit other Ford engines, including the 2.7L EcoBoost V6. A derivative of this line of filters is even specified for some GT350 and GT500 Mustangs. So we have a lot to cover.

Below you’ll find a video and several detailed photos covering every filter we’ve managed to get our hands on. We also took very detailed measurements and observations of the materials and construction methods used for each filter. This is not the be-all-end-all of this story. As new filters become available we’ll add them to the list. If you find one you would like to send us, you can send it here:

4009 Highway 17 S - 1010
North Myrtle Beach, SC...
Yes - You Need an Oil Separator | Your Valves Will Thank You
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For years, you’ve seen us extolling the virtues of running an oil separator your boosted Ford. While most started to really pay attention to their benefits around the time of the supercharged 1999 SVT F-150 Lightning introduction, the addition of direct injection to modern Ford engines has increased the importance to adding one to a your engine to a heretofore unseen level. That’s because the old engines mostly just had issues with soaking the intercooler core with engine oil from the PVC system. However, EcoBoost engines suffer that issue, along with oil baking on the back of the intake valves. An issue known as coking. Plus burning engine oil effectively lowers the octane rating of the fuel you're burning, which can increase the likelihood of detonation. That’s why one of the first mods we made to our Bronco Raptor was to cobble together a homemade oil...
SVTP Tool-Tech | Lisle 20750 Remote Starter Switch | Reviewed
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Sometimes you need an extra set of hands when none are available. That’s when a tool like we’re reviewing today comes in handy. It’s a remote starter trigger. If you’ve spent any time at all on YouTube, you’ve likely seen a particular ‘Tuber use his (which he refers to as his “Lone Wolf 2000”. His continued use of a starter trigger, while reviving long forgotten rides, shows just how handy one of these things can be.

A remote start trigger isn’t a particularly sophisticated device. It’s essentially just a finger activated 12V switch. It works by connecting the circuit across your starter control solenoid, which is usually easily accessible under the hood on older Fords. This allows you to skip running around to the driver’s seat in order to turn the key. Yes; you could just jump the solenoid with a screw driver, but that may force you to stand in a particular position to crank the engine over. The remote trigger will allow you to move freely around the front of the vehicle in...
VMP Performance Apex Predator Lid & Race/Street Intercooler Cores | A Detailed Look
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I know you’ve heard the saying; “work smarter, not harder.” That’s exactly the mantra VMP Performance has been pursuing with their latest round of mods for 2020+ Shelby GT500 Mustangs. The 5.2L Predator V8 mills those cars are blessed with from the factory are potent, but there’s always room for improvement. Throwing more boost at it may be the simple solution, but what if I told you that you could get more power without increasing stress on the engine? What if it works even better when pulley down and add some boost? Do I have your attention now?

Justin Starkey and the crew at VMP have spent the better part of a year working on intercooler modifications for the Predator engine; and it looks like they have struck pay-dirt. VMP has finally released their long awaited Apex Predator intercooler lid, which features a host of benefits over the stock unit. To take advantage of the gains found in the lid they also have a couple intercooler core options to help keep the air charge at the...
2018 Focus ST Mods | MBRP Exhaust - Intercooler - Downpipe - Tune
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I’ve made my fair share of trips to the SVT/Ford Performance engineering offices over the years, and one thing I always pay attention is the employee parking lot (which used to be covered in burnout/drifting marks that were visible from space). The cars parked there will tell you a lot about guys who work there, and there is certainly a trend that’s easily spotted. Back in the early SVT days you were likely to see an inordinate number of Contour SVTs. That eventually gave way to the SVT Focus, and then the focus ST. At any point in time it seemed like a 3rd of the cars in that lot would fall into one of the model ranges.

There’s a good reason for that. Those engineers designed those cars to be extremely fun, capable, and sporty; while still being comfortable for daily driver duty. SVT/FP’s small cars have always been the automotive equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife for the performance enthusiast. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve known with a Cobra or GT500 home in the...
Pro-Dyno to the Rescue | Broken 2014 5.0 F-150
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Loyalty is important. Be it from man or machine, it’s good to know that when your back is to the wall that there’s someone/thing you can turn to. That’s why I encourage everyone to support your local performance shops, dealerships, restaurants/bars, etc. One of the establishments I have been a long time customer of is Pro-Dyno in Fort Mill, SC. I know when I have an issue Paul and the crew there will have my back, and that’s exactly what went down a few months back.

My father has a 2014 Coyote F-150 he bought new and on which he has subsequently racked up over 176,000 miles. Recently, the 9.75 rear end started to make some noise, and I knew exactly what it was. For some reason, that era of Ford trucks had an issue with failing pinion seals letting in a little moisture which pits the rollers in the front pinion bearing. When this happens it’s often more of an annoyance than an urgent matter. However, Dad likes piling the miles on this rig so I figured I should get it fixed for him...
Eliminate Belt Slip NOW!!! | VMP Atlas and Claw Adjustable Idler Bracket Inspection
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The performance of a supercharged car hinges on one simple aspect of the boost building mechanism, the ability to spin the blower. If you can’t turn the rotors (or impeller) at the desired RPM you’re leaving power on the table. Belt slip is the thief-in-the-night of that mechanical system. Everything else can be perfect, but if the belt is slipping on the pulleys you’re not going to see the horsepower you’d expect. With the goal of ensuring that pony makes it to the pavement, the crew at VMP Performance set out to develop a series of products designed for blower car owners to get the most out of their supercharger setups.

“With force induction, it’s easier on the entire system to extract all the performance possible with a given pulley setup than it is to just keep pulleying-down to chase more power.”, said Justin Starkey, owner of VMP Performance. This philosophy led VMP to produce several combinations of Coyote FEAD (Front Engine Accessory Drive) components, centered around...
615HP - 7.3L MEGAZILLA Crate Engine is Here!!! | PRI 2022
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Hanging out in the Ford Booth at PRI is always one of the highlights of the show. Not only is it manned by a great group of incredibly knowledgeable guys, but if you stick around long enough nearly everyone you know in the Ford performance industry will stroll through. That booth essentially becomes an unofficial meeting space for those of us deep in the Blue Oval game. Then there's the parts...

This year the Ford Performance Racing Parts guys debuted the all ne 7.3L MEGAZILLA Crate Engine. Cranking out 615HP and 640 LbFt of torque on pump gas. Even more impressively, it makes over 500 LbFt from 2,500-6,000RPMs. Mike Goodwin, Production Manager for Engines/Drivetrain/Calibrations, took time to walk us through the features of the new pushrod bruiser and Ford's other new products on display. Check out the vid:


The new front-inlet intake manifold is a dead giveaway that you're not looking at...
TopLift Pro Makes Pulling the BRaptor Roof a 1-Man Job | Full Review
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In the few short months we’ve owned our Bronco Raptor I’ve had the factory hard-top off and on more than a few times. While the BRaptor looks killer stripped down, it is a bit of a PITA to remove the bolted on rear section of top. That set us out searching for a better solution for the removal and reinstall process, which is where TopLift Pros came in.

As it stands, removal of the aft most section of Bronco top is best done with three sets of hands. It’s not that the roof section is heavy; rather it is just awkward to handle. Weight-wise, one person could easily lift it. However, finesse is needed more than brute force in order to not mar any of the finished surfaces. So not wanting to have to find a couple helpers every time I was going to R&R the top, I started searching for a little mechanical advantage. After a little research we settled on ordering a rolling lift system from TopLift Pros out of Melbourne, FL. It would make top removal a one-man job...
BRaptor gets a Homemade ("JLT") Oil Separator | 1,000 Mile Review
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I can't believe I haven't posted this yet. The day after picking up my BRaptor I headed over to @Livernois Motorsports for a little bone-stock dyno session. However, before spinning the rollers I wanted to get an oil separator plumbed into the intake tract. Certain EcoBoost engines (such as the Raptor's 3.0L) are particularly susceptible to coking up the intake valves because they don't have a port fuel injector spraying on the back of the valve. That fuel spray goes a long way towards keeping things clean. Not having that means keeping oil from the PCV system off the valves is paramount.

Luckily, I had a pile of old JLT oil separator parts laying around. I had used these units on several Fords in the past, and always been happy with the way they performed. So with a little help (and loaner tools) from the guys at...
Bronco Raptor on the Lift | Video Inspection of the Undercarriage
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While we were installing our prototype Whipple Intercooler at Pro-Dyno we decided to take a closer look at out Bronco Raptor on the lift. It did not disappoint.
Go Topless More Often | Test Fitting a BronCover on the Bronco Raptor
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There’s just something about owning a Bronco that makes the ladies in your life want to go topless. That’s just a fact, don’t ask me to try to explain it. However, the last thing you want when you’re running wild and free is to get caught out without the proper protection. That’s where the fine folks at BronCover come into play.

One of the ever present threats of owning a convertible is getting caught out in inclimate weather with your top down. With a Bronco that anxiety can be compounded by the fact that you can remove the doors as well. If you have a hard-top that makes about half-a-vehicle worth of body panels you’ve pulled off, and that takes a little time commitment to reinstall. That’s why I like having a BronCover in the cargo area as a little added insurance.


Every BronCover comes in this awesome reusable storage bag. I just throw it in the back any time we pop the top.

BronCover makes an extremely high...
Keeping Your Cool | BRaptor Whipple Intercooler Install/Test | IAT Buster
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We hold this truth to be self-evident, More Boost = More Better. You know the thing. The problem is, more boost also leads to power robbing increased charge-air temperatures. That’s where a part like the Whipple Intercooler we recently installed on our Bronco Raptor has the opportunity to shine.

While the entire Bronco lineup is capable of impressive off-road performance, the factory equipped intercooler leaves a lot to be desired in terms of power production potential. This is especially true for the unit found on the higher powered 3.0L EcoBoost equipped Bronco Raptor. In our testing we’ve found that it heat soaks fairly quickly, and really starts to have trouble when you throw more boost at it.

A few weeks back we installed a JB4 module from 5 Star Tuning, which gave us a very nice bump in performance. It works by basically fooling the factory ECU into...
Wooosh!!! | Bronco Raptor Gets a TurboSmart Blow-Off Valve
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I've owned a handful of EcoBoost vehicles over the years. While they all had the benefits that come with high compression and boost, they also have the exhaust note you'd expect from a small displacement non-V8. Among performance enthusiasts, the sound is nearly universally derided. Ford has major strides in EcoBoost exhaust tone quality with the Gen 3 Raptor and BRaptor, but there's still a lot to be desired. In a search for a better driving experience you can play around with aftermarket exhaust systems, buy I've always preferred to just increase the natural turbo noises.

That's why every EcoBoost powered Ford I have ever own has been equipped with a TurboSmart Blow-Off Valve. They are an extremely high quality piece constructed of billet aluminum and stainless steel. The install is super simple on the BRaptor because Ford placed the factory BOV in a very easy to reach location. It's easier to install this TurboSmart unit on a BRaptor than it is to change its oil...
New Product | Gen-4 Coyote Intake Manifold Adaptors | Livernois Motorsports
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It’s no secret that the Gen 4 Coyote, first introduced in the 2020 F-150, brought with it many changes from previous iterations of the dominant 5.0L V8. One of them, which is somewhat baffling, is an alteration of the intake manifold bolt pattern. I’m not sure why that change was made, likely to reduce cost or streamline machining, but it makes the 2020+ F-150 V8 engine incapable of accepting previous generation intake manifolds.

This can be a huge drawback to those looking for more performance than the factory truck manifold can provide. However, Livernois Motorsports have developed a solution. During our last visit to their shop we were able to get an early peak at a set of prototype adaptor plates for the Gen 4 heads. These billet aluminum pieces will allow you to mount Gen 1-3 intake manifolds to your Gen 4 Coyote heads.


Looking to add a GT350, Boss 302, or Cobra Jet intake manifold to your Gen-4 Coyote V8? Livernois...
BRaptor Gets More BOOOOOOST!!!! | JB4 Device Install at 5 Star Tuning
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Let's face it, we all knew this day had to be coming soon. In the true SVTP fashion we had to add more boost. The BRaptor had driven from MI to SC and now had about 1,200 miles on the odo. Truth be known, we had been planning this install with the guys at 5 Star Tuning for months. However, we didn't know if this device was going to be compatible with the Bronco Raptor's 3.0L EcoBoost engine.

Like many new Fords, the Bronco's ECU is locked from the factory. That means outside of a few exceptions, custom tuning is not yet available. However, that hasn't stopped the aftermarket from finding ways to increase performance. The 5 Star Tuning Crew crew have been installing Burger Tuning JB4 Devices, with great success, for quite some time now. So naturally we had to try out the JB4 on the BRaptor, and it worked perfectly.

Bronco Raptor Hits the Dyno at Livernois Motorsports | Power Numbers Inside!!!
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No trip to Detroit would be complete without stopping by @Livernois Motorsports for a visit. Since I had the Bronco Raptor with me, and it was obviously thoroughly broken-in with ~100 miles on it, I thought it would be a good idea to get some dyno numbers on it. Since I had just picked it up it had a tank full of mystery fuel supplied by the dealership. We were obviously dyno ready... Here's how the runs turned out:

After driving back to SC I had a chance to more closely review the dyno charts. Surprisingly, the third pull was the best one. Once I applied the SAE correction factor to it, the final numbers were 315 HP @ 5400 RPM and 362 lb-ft @ 3700RPM. Considering the factors mentioned above and the low 90s temperatures I'd say those numbers are decent. The factory rating is 418HP and 440 lb-ft, and the drivetrain contains far more rotating mass than your average truck.


The torque curve is...
Install/Review | Livernois Exhaust & Flex-Fuel Tune | 2021+ Coyote F-150
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The more things change, the more they stay the same. At its most basic an internal combustion engine is essentially an air pump, and reducing restrictions in that pump tends to increase efficiency. In our case, we’re looking for more horsepower from a 2021 5.0L Coyote Powered F-150 and we’re installing some tried and true mods to get there.

The subject vehicle of this install belongs to Andy at Livernois Motorsports, and is currently his daily driver. Being a regular-cab short-bed 4x4 makes it a pretty hot commodity these days. I know more than a handful of former S550 owners who have traded in there steeds for such a truck, typically with some boost added in for good measure. That has become a bit more difficult with the encryption of the ECU on the 2021+ F-150s, but Livernois has that covered. When it comes to locked-ECU tuning, Livernois has the keys to the castle.


I'd say there's a noticeable difference between the stock piece...
Whipple Stage 1 Upgrade for the Gen 2 F-150 Raptor | Installed/Reviewed
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Boost makes everything better, and more boost = more better. Those are just facts. So when Ford added two turbos to the F-150 Raptor for its 2nd Generation you knew owners were inevitably start cranking up the dial. What the Raptor lost in V8 rumble with the introduction of the 3.5L HO EcoBoost it more than gained in low-end grunt and mod-ability. Easy power is just an ECU flash away.

That’s where Whipple, best known for their twin-screw superchargers kits, comes in. They recently released their Stage 1 Upgrade Kit of the Gen 2 Raptor, and we got work that our friends over at Pro-Dyno would be installing one the first kits. The stars aligned and we were on hand to cover the installation and report the results.

Check out our Install/Review video. Like/Subscribe/ect too.

The Whipple Stage 1 Kit for the Gen 2 Raptor consist of a freer flowing enclosed air-box with filter, a substantially upgraded intercooler, ILTR7N8 NGK...