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SVTPerformance.com Turns 18 | Just in Time to Vote in Florida

November is a special time for SVTP. See, Nov. 12th, 2000 was the day that the vBulletin version of SVTPerformance.com came online. There was a short-lived prior version of SVTP before the vB site, but we generally celebrate Nov. as the birth month of the site as we know it. It has grown and changed a lot over the years, but the camaraderie the SVTP community shares remains a constant. It’s the members that really make this site special.

Since SVTP is turning 18 (it can buy beer in Canada now) this year we felt it was time for a fresh round of software mods, to give you guys an even better experience on the site. Building on the software upgrades we performed two years ago we be adding features that will make the posting and browsing process much more streamlined. Unbeknown to most, the SVTP Software Elves have been quietly working behind the scenes on these new modifications to the forum. Here's what we've been up to: Click Here to Continue Reading...

The Ford GT Carbon Series will be shredding tracks soon as the lightest of the road-going Ford supercars – and unlike its sibling racer, it will want to be driven home after time sheets are collected.

The new limited-edition model drops nearly 40 pounds with a host of lightweighting innovations such as carbon fiber wheels, a titanium exhaust, titanium lugnuts and a polycarbonate rear hatch with additional venting.'' Click Here to Continue Reading...

World champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his RTR Vehicles team are working with Ford Performance to provide a definitive collaboration of style, performance and fun with the new Series 1 Mustang RTR Powered by Ford Performance – the latest addition to the Mustang family.

“Our goal was to take the driving and owner experience of the iconic Ford Mustang to the next level,” said Gittin, President and Chief Fun-Haver of RTR Vehicles. “This collaboration has created a Mustang that offers smile-inducing street driving, diverse capability on the track and a very distinctive owner experience for those looking to stand out from the crowd.” Click Here to Continue Reading...
Opportunity Cost | What Did We Miss-Out-On Because of the GT350's FPC 5.2L VooDoo V8?

A few months ago I was talking to a former Ford employee who spent a little time at SVT. He was around when the team was developing the Shelby GT350 Mustang, so naturally our conversation started to drift towards that topic. I’m always interested in hearing the thoughts and theories behind why certain decisions are made during the development process, and the GT350 certainly has lots of details to explore. Eventually our conversation turned to the Flat Plane Crank (“FPC”) equipped 5.2L VooDoo engine. That’s when he laid a bit of knowledge on me that I wasn’t quite prepared for. He told me just what that FPC program cost the Ford enthusiast community. Click Here to Continue Reading...